Opportunities to get involved:

There are lots of ways in which you can get involved in the life of St Michael’s. Please consider whether any of the following are right for you and talk with Stephen or the church wardens for more information.


Baptism Co-ordinator: A very rewarding role being the first port of call for our baptism enquiries.

Flower Co-ordinator: Could you help organise our flower arrangers for each service?

Family Service Helpers: We’re looking to refresh our family service rotas, would you and your family like to help with any of our Welcome / Play / Intercessions or Coffee.

Toddler Group co-ordinator: We have some volunteers lined up to help run this group but would love someone to coordinate everything.

Music Group:   We would like to develop a group of musicians and singers to lead the Family Service.  Please speak to Tom Stockwell: tom.e.stockwell@googlemail.com

Fund raising and events: Our church relies significantly on fundraising and we love bringing people together in various events. Could you help coordinate an event this year?

Magazine distribution co-ordinator and distributors:

As well as more volunteers to take the magazines to the street, we are looking for someone to coordinate this role and be part of the magazine editorial team. This is a really significant role in helping the magazine thrive. Please contact Mike Cross: mike@mike-cross.me.uk

Wedding & Funeral vergers: We love to have someone from the church on hand at weddings and funerals as a verger. Might you be interested?

Youth Group helper: Our Sunday night youth group is going brilliantly but we need another regular helper. No experience necessary but you must be up for having fun!

And finally:

Going to the Gambia: Our next trip to our Gambia partnership is planned for October this year. If you’d like to find out more, do contact Shelia Brown: sheilamb71@gmail.com